Il Frantoio oleario Ancona, situato nel territorio di Locorotondo in Puglia, nell'incantevole ed incontaminata Valle d'Itria, produce da oltre cinquant'anni un ottimo olio extra vergine di oliva.
Third-party and own-account olive processing
Production and sale of extra vergine olive oil
wholesale and retail.
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Extra vergine olive oil has always been among the basic ingredients in the diet of human beings since time immemorial.
This precious and wholesome element of the Mediterranean diet obtained according to traditional methods has excellent nutritional and protective properties. It is one of the few really genuine foodstuffs, as it does not need any preservatives or other foreign substances for better preservation.

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Frantoio Oleario Ancona Donato guarantees the above mentioned quality and properties in relation to its extra vergine olive oil and certifies that:

-the oil is obtained from olives grown on the hills of the Apulian Low Murgia, which are carefully selected and hand-picked;

-the oil is obtained from the first pressing;

- the oil is processed according to the traditional age-old method of the “discontinuous mill” and cold pressed after the olives have been crushed with granite millstones.

- the oil we produce has an acidity below the maximum value allowed by law.


Colour: golden with pale greenish glints.
Scent: intense thanks to a high level of fragrant substances.
Taste: balanced, tasting of "fresh olives" with a light bitter-almond aftertaste.
Use: Our extra vergine olive oil is particularly suited for a wholesome, natural, adequate and balanced diet. It can be used “raw” on cooked or raw vegetables, vegetable soup, dressings or bruschetta, or “cooked” for special roasts and sauces.

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0.750-litre bottle 3-litre tin 5-litre tin

Shipment and payment

We ship throughout Italy and abroad by courier or mail.
Payments can be made by postal order or bank transfer.


Courier: approx. 15/20 days.
Mail: approx. 7 days.
Quantities and packing to agree upon.
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