Il Frantoio oleario Ancona, situato nel territorio di Locorotondo in Puglia, nell'incantevole ed incontaminata Valle d'Itria, produce da oltre cinquant'anni un ottimo olio extra vergine di oliva.
Third-party and own-account olive processing
Production and sale of extra vergine olive oil
wholesale and retail.
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About us
Frantoio Ancona is a family-run business that has been producing Extra Vergine Olive Oil for over fifty years with an unchanged passion and enthusiasm.

The oil is produced with the traditional and age-old discontinuous mill process that follows the crushing of the olives with the help of granite millstones; the oil obtained through this method keeps its original aroma, taste, and genuineness unaltered in the course of time and is highly digestible.

However, the company has adopted new technologies as well, undergoing far-reaching changes but still maintaining its deeply-rooted tradition.
Actually, in addition to six super-presses, the mill has now three continuous lines, all together achieving a processing potential of 40 tons every eight hours.
This way Frantoio Ancona is able to guarantee the high quality and genuineness of its extra vergine olive oil.


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Contrada Cupa, 153 - 70010 Locorotondo (Ba) - Puglia
Tel/fax +390804383369
Cell.: Donato 3397731981 - Oronzo 330863855